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Increased Employee Satisfaction

Usually working with booking tools tends to be frustrating. Paying in advance and dealing with reports can also be maddening. HRS makes your hotel selection and accounting as easy as possible.

Increased Employee Satisfaction 

The satisfaction of employees is of great importance for companies: Specialists are rare and talent is always highly sought after. Companies adapt to the needs of their employees and aim to increase their satisfaction – especially where business travel is concerned. For the majority of business travelers, their company`s support plays a major part in their job satisfaction.

Stressed out due to long searches

Until recently, booking tools for business travelers were not designed according to their needs and were often complicated and tedious. For the most part, business travel tools do not offer the ability to sort search results based on the user’s personal preferences –  something travelers are accustomed to when booking hotels for private travel. Plus, the quality of the hotel content is limited.

Compliance decreases, costs increase

The consequence: employees’ satisfaction decreases and they book outside the hotel program and travel policy. Consequently, increased direct costs and increasing process costs also arise. The lack of an overview of the employees’ travel behavior significantly weakens the negotiation position in the procurement process with hotel partners. Moreover, the person responsible for travel is unable to comply with their duty of care if they are unable to see from the company data where the business traveler actually is.

Travel Expense Invoice – a tiresome topic

If an employee of your company goes on a business trip, many times, they have to pay for their hotel booking in advance. The creation of the on-site invoice delays the traveler's check out.  In addition, the traveler has to use their own time during working hours to write their travel expense report after the business trip – overall, these are manual tasks that are prone to errors and very time-consuming for the business traveler. There is even more work for your company: the hotel invoice has to be filed, audited and entered into the accounting system.

The solution: large hotel selection, simple booking and invoicing 

With HRS, you make the hotel selection, and the hotel stay as pleasant as possible for your employees: in the company-specific HRS Corporate Booking Portal, more than 350,000 hotels are available to you and your traveling employees – in a clear overview and sorted by individual criteria. A Net Promoter Score of 98% shows that the intuitive tools offer maximum support to the bookers. Innovative payment and billing solutions make the trip much easier for business travelers and reduce the effort of the travel expense accounting significantly – moreover, the traveler does not have to make advance payments for business hotel stays.