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Simple Meetings & Groups Sourcing

HRS Leverages Transient Hotel Sourcing Expertise to Drive Savings & Efficiency for Corporate Meetings

The managing of small corporate meeting expenditures – especially spend tracking and policy compliance - has been a challenge for decades. GBTA research in 2018 found that the majority of corporate meetings are simple meetings of less than 50 people, often with recurring requirements. Yet, 70% of planners don’t follow a defined process to source and book these gatherings, and a stunning 77% use consumer channels to seek out venues, not taking advantage of preferred hotel relationships and potential duty-of-care risks.

With Meetings & Groups Sourcing, HRS has created the very first end-to-end simple meetings solution for corporations. From procurement to payment, in all markets around the globe, HRS can now serve as a company’s single contract partner. HRS can now source an annual programme with unmatched transparency, prioritising the negotiated programme in the search and book process, automating compliance objectives and delivering a much faster booking procedure.

No global company is better positioned to deliver a scalable solution for simple meetings sourcing than HRS. The global leader in transient hotel sourcing, HRS handles hotel negotiations for more than one-third of the world’s top 100 brands, saving an average of 9% annually for clients. A growing number of HRS clients build upon sourcing to include full end-to-end hotel services, incorporating rate auditing, search and book, integrated virtual payment and other automated solutions.

With the launch of M&G Sourcing, meeting departments can anticipate the following benefits:

Beyond sourcing, HRS has an automated search and book platform which prioritizes negotiated hotels over other properties and/or venue providers. And with HRS’ industry-leading rate auditing technology, programs are assured that planners are booking correct rates with accurate cancellation and payment clauses, meeting room rental costs, etc.

Once your simple meetings sourcing program is place, the range of benefits will make meeting planners, administrative assistants, and travelers all more efficient. Contact HRS sales in your region or submit your contact information below to get started on revamping your M&G sourcing process.