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Payment solutions

With Payment Solutions from HRS, you can centrally pay your hotel stays and then receive a consolidated collective invoice. Detailed data gives you a clear view of your expenditure.

Centrally, paperless, simple!

Take advantage of receiving and settling hotel invoices centrally and paperless! With innovative payment solutions from HRS, minimise administrative work for your accounts department and employees and improve compliance to your company travel policy.


Central payment with a virtual credit card

Within the framework of Global Payment, you settle hotel invoices with a virtual credit card that is automatically generated during the booking. The traveller does not have to pay in advance, and the payment is uniformly regulated.


Detailed hotel invoice

Within the framework of Paperless Travel, HRS collects all booking, payment and invoice data for you. Each hotel invoice is broken down to individual items such as Wi-Fi or breakfast, and the value added tax is stated on a single item basis. You may use this extraordinarily detailed hotel data for monitoring compliance to your company travel policy or for negotiations with hotel partners.


One invoice instead of many receipts

With Central Billing, HRS also offers you a way to centrally settle your invoices for domestic hotel stays. You will no longer receive dozens of individual receipts, but only one consolidated collective invoice. Your accounts department only has to process and pay one document. The number of providers in the system is minimised to one vendor.

Renowned partner

In order to represent your company’s interests, HRS cooperates with renowned partners such as AirPlus International or American Express. With Payment Solutions from HRS, the payment and billing of hotel stays is as simple and transparent as possible.