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Intelligent Data

With detailed management information for your hotel bookings, HRS supports you with understanding your hotel booking expenditure.

Intelligent Data: knowing and reducing hotel spend

HRS offers you a comprehensive overview of your employees’ travel and booking behaviour and supports you with the assessment and analysis.

By means of detailed information, you do not only benefit from the transparency of your total hotel spend, but also from a significant lever it offers during nogotiations with hotel partners for its optimisation.

HRS - Customer Statistics Dashboard

Strong arguments for negotiations

Through HRS, you may learn, for example, which destinations, hotels or categories the employees of your company prefer, or for how long or how much in advance they normally book. 


Complete control of your expenditure

The comprehensive data helps you recognise and leverage savings: this way, you can constantly monitor whether the expenditure for business trips is within the normal range during the year, or whether the travel guidelines need to be adjusted.

Support with the data analysis

HRS combines the data from several sources for you. You can view this data at all times and filter it according to individual criteria, download and process it for your convenience. HRS supports you the with data analysis: if, for example, the hotel costs rise in some destinations, you have the possibility to check whether the rise can be traced back to your employees’ booking behaviour or if it reflects a general trend in this region.

HRS-owned computing centre

Data protection is the top priority here: your data is saved in the company-owned computing centre of HRS, which is located in Germany and subject to the highest safety standards.