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Intelligent Sourcing

HRS assumes full responsibility of hotel procurement for corporates. The customer does not have to get involved in time-consuming negotiations and benefits from attractive conditions.

Intelligent Sourcing
Savings of

on your hotel costs on average through an optimised hotel programme by bundling volumes, rate optimisation and introducing alternative hotel partners.


Save Time and Money with your Hotel Procurement!

From strategy to rate negotiations and onto the rate audit – HRS simplifies hotel procurement with Intelligent Sourcing and provides you with an attractive savings potential.

Your Individual Strategy for Hotel Procurement

To achieve best sourcing results for you, HRS first analyses your hotel portfolio. By using the comprehensive HRS benchmarking data, based on 40,000 corporate customers and their rates, HRS then extrapolates your individual procurement strategy and guides you through the entire process.

300,000 Individual and Chain Hotels

HRS solicits all offers on an innovative auction platform and negotiates customer specific rates with your desired hotel partners. The comprehensive hotel content of HRS provides you with access to more than 300,000 hotels in 190 countries, including hotel chains and a wide selection of independent hotels that make up a large part of the markets in Europe, South America and Asia. 

The Best Conditions at all times thanks to the Best Buy Principle

HRS continuously analyses the rates of each individual hotel. Should the public rate be lower than your company rate, the Best Buy Principle ensures that you always book the best option. Additionally, HRS provides you with more cost savings in selected hotels through fixed negotiated rates (Corporate Club Rate). This will always assures that you have the best conditions at all times. 

HRS takes over rate negotiations and audits

Following this, HRS takes care of the rate loading and performs regular rate audits. Throughout the process, HRS offers you a holistic procurement solution. Optimise your hotel procurement with Intelligent Sourcing – Free of charge!